Huskee Swap Promotion

Now is a great time to review your cafe logistics. A good cup swap scheme is a great way of keeping your waste down and managing reusable cups the way you want to. Huskee Swap is a great example with a simple swap system and added cost benefits as the customer buys the cup from you to get started. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  1. A customer either brings their own HuskeeCup, or buys one from you
  2. You put this one aside to be commercially cleaned and sanitised in your washing system at a more convenient time. Some cafes have a collection bucket ready for cups to be dropped off. 
  3. Instead of serving them in the same cup, you swap their cup for a pre-washed HuskeeCup!

Follow this link  here use the code ResponsibleCafes50 (details below) and receive 50% discount from retail price

Huskee recommend a minimum of 4x6oz, 4x8oz and 4x12oz (plus lids) for the ‘float’ and HuskeeCups for retail. For more info around integrating order ahead, setting up your till, & best practices visit HuskeeSwap Support or reach out to

We have a special Responsible Cafes discount offer for cafes – 50% off retail price when purchasing 10 or more items (this is equivalent to 10% off the wholesale price range) with Free shipping Australia Wide. The good beans have offered us a small donation for any cup sold so winners all round! 

How can I serve a safe contactless coffee?

Here are some options:

a) Ask customers to place their cup on the counter and pour the shot and milk in it for them. 

b) If your customers are not allowed close to the coffee serving counter, you can pour the coffee into one of your drink-in cups, walk it over the customer and pour this into their cup for them. (See video below)

c) Look into some great cup swap schemes. More info below!

What else can I do to reduce single use plastic waste during this time?  

a) Ask customers if they want a lid on their coffee? That pesky plastic lid is a huge litter bug and ends up on many of Australia’s beautiful shore lines. Let’s try and avoid this. Here is silly but helpful poster for you to download, print off and pop up if you think it is appropriate for your customers. It might put a few smiles on faces too! 

b) Explore the use of compostable grade containers. Check out compostable gear from Detpak – there is 25% off for all Responsible Cafes to make the products more affordable for you (please note, this is not a commercial partnership – we just want to try and help you out!). Contact us for more info.

c) If you are running takeaway services ditch the plastic cutlery, straws, napkins and condiments!

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