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The Purchasing Power of Responsible Cafes

As a not for profit group, our goal is to use the collective power of our registered cafes and Keen Beans to reduce waste and carbon emissions. This collection of suppliers and innovators all offer a service that can help Responsible Cafes to reduce their environmental impact, make their business more efficient and potentially save on long term running costs – win win! We hope you find a product or service that suits your needs! 

If you’re brand or product is interested in joining the list please feel fill in this form and we will get back to you. 


Replated is the future of takeaway- without the waste. Our Australian made reusable takeaway containers save money and the planet.

Cafes: 5% off wholesale orders

Get a 5% discount on wholesale orders to help your customers switch to reusables. You can also join our SWAP network to make reuse even easier.

  1. Apply to become a retailer
  2. Use the discount code RC5OFF in the referral code field
  3. If you want to register to become a SWAP venue please submit your expression of interest by email to

For Keen Beans: 10% off retail price

Any keen beans who want to be a pioneer for reusable food please use the code RC10OFF on our site.

Huskee Swap Cup

The Australian reusable cup featuring coffee husk as a raw material can also be used with their cup exchange HuskeeSwap. Designed to not only make using reusables more convenient but enable cafes to transition away from single-use disposable cups.

Cafes: get 5% off wholesale price with Free shipping Australia Wide. Once logged into your wholesale account just use the promo code responsiblecafes5aff

Keen beans, use the code responsiblecafes10aff to get 10% off on retail price via  🙂

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Trace helps individuals and businesses on their journey to net zero. Measure, reduce and offset your emissions and share your journey to amplify your impact!

Get 1 month FREE on any trace subscription with the code: RC-MONTH-FREE

Cafes: Get a FREE assessment to measure your carbon footprint with trace. Just let them know Responsible Cafes referred you!

Keen Beans: calculate your carbon footprint for FREE!





Compostable Alternatives

At Compostable Alternatives our mission is to offer strictly certified home compostable products and packaging. Our regenerative products and certifications ensure a safe breakdown in anyone’s backyard or home compost in under 24 weeks. Along with food and other garden waste, your efforts support new resources to grow again!

Range of products: coffee cups and lids, straws, bin liners, cling wrap, gloves, coffee trays and produce bags. We also provide customized solution to food producers and businesses looking to switch away from SUP with certified home compostable alternatives.

Cafes: get 10% off your first order with the code responsiblecafes10. Discover their range of products on !

I Am Not Paper

‘I am not paper’ exists to create products that allow humans & nature to exist in harmony. We want to reduce use of forest-reliant paper products because they cause deforestation, animal & habitat destruction. OFC Plastic Free in all our products & any packaging it comes with! 100% Reclaimed, Compostable, Biodegradable & Recyclable!!! Environmentally Friendly & truuuuuly sustainable :). 

Cafes: Visit our store now or order a sample and get 10% off on your first order with the code responsiblecafes!

The Alternative Dairy Co

We have one mission. Create plant-based milks that are perfected for coffee. We are driven by using what nature gave us to achieve that elusive ultimate coffee experience in a cup. From our processes to our ingredients, from farm to flat white, our alternative ethos means we are forever pushing the boundaries to craft the best non-dairy alternatives for cafés. Visit our store now or order a sample!


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Looking to find a Responsible Cafe?

Small Business Month has come to an end 😢! 

However, our love for the fabulous community of responsible cafes will never end! 

This November, for Small Business Month, we set out to showcase as many eco minded cafes as we could to show our appreciation for what these businesses do for our great planet. 

In total, we featured 32 amazing cafes! (this is only a snippet, check our feed for more!) 

Even though the month is over, you can look out for our weekly cafe features posts to see more incredible businesses! 

Lots of love, the RC team xo 🌿💚


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89 people have now made a pledge to ditch single-use cups or takeaway containers! Well done @brucoffeebondi for getting your community involved.

So why should YOU make a pledge?

- 600 billion disposable coffee cups are produced worldwide each year☕

- 99.75% of disposable coffee cups are not recycled

- 60,000kg of waste from cups goes to landfill each year in Australia alone

Small changes can make a big impact over time🌳

PLUS you will go into the draw to win a prize sponsored by @potteryfortheplanet and @madebyfressko ⭐
Bring Your Own (BYO) Cup Week starts today!

For the next 10 days, participating cafes will ban or reduce single-use coffee cups to take a stand on single-use plastics. Customers will be encouraged to Bring Your Own reusable cup or container, borrow a mug or take the time to dine in and enjoy!

This initiative was started by Bondi locals Sondra Beram (@brucoffeebondi) and @_sarahwilson_ in 2021.

Join this community movement and go into the draw to win a prize by making a pledge to Ditch the Cup or take the next step in your zero-waste journey by Ditching the Container!