The Better Cup Guide

Your indispensable guide to reusables and disposables. Ranked best in show to no no no!

Australians use more than 2.5 billion take-away coffee cups every single year. Because most disposable cups have a plastic lining, they are not recyclable and many end up in landfill or our environment.

Here at Responsible Cafes, we’re big fans of saying to no to single-use and choosing to reuse. It can be hard, however, to navigate the range of choices available to us. Silicone, pottery, glass – there’s a whole world of cups out there. And what’s the deal with compostable and biodegradable cups?

We’ve got a few answers to these questions, in the form of our Better Cup Guide. Our guide aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to become a (c)upstanding citizen, and make a choice that’s good for your brew and our planet too!

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