Responsible Runners


Pace up, waste down…

The “Responsible Movement” started with Responsible Runners back in 2011 and has flourished into many initiatives including the wonderful Responsible Cafes (how can we stop these cups and lids reaching the beach in the first place? Let’s chat to cafe owners about reusables!).

To continue the leaderless movement of Responsible Runners, we have developed the amazing capacity-building toolkit Take it and Run with It to enable anyone to set up a Responsible Runners group, anywhere in the world!

We were so inspired by the initiation of Responsible Paddlers (kayakers) and Responsible Rugrats (Group of 9 and 10 year olds doing harbour clean-ups) as offshoots of the Responsible Runners and Responsible Cafes movements that we want to help inspire and equip people to take the lead and (Responsible) run successful groups of their own.

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Here are some more curriculum-based education resources – useful for home schooling – available from our friends at the Plastic Pollution Coalition.