Waste Education

Our communication outreach strategy is to reduce waste is based on four pillars: Community engagEment, digital communication, initiatives and workshops and through resources cafes can display.




COMMUNITY engagement

The Responsible Cafes team is often seen out in the community educating people on the perils of single use plastic. Our goal is to always keep the messaging positive and fun. By interacting with the community with thought provoking activities we can capture people’s attention and get them thinking about their relationship with single use plastic… not just coffee cups!

If you would like one our team running workshops, engaging with your community with our interactive wheelie bin or cup at one of your events then get in touch.

Digital CAMPAIGNS AND communications

We are always looking at ways to cut through the clutter and get our single use message across. For example, here is one of amazing ambassadors, Laura Wells wearing a cup made entirely from disposable cups during the Melbourne Cup to raise awareness of the amount of plastic consumed during party season.  The social media campaign has a reach of 50,000 and caused some great online conversation!

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 You have probably guessed by now that we are a bunch of passionate waste educators! We are constantly thinking up new ways to get the reuse message out these. For instance our ‘Jar Wars’ kits and workshops where you can make your own cup out of an old jam jar and silicone bands. #NO EXCUSE FOR REUSE now!

Get in touch if you would like us to run a jar wars workshop for you. Or you can buy a kit from our shop and DIY!  

Waste Education Resources

made for you!

We want to arm our fellow waste warriors with the tools to encourage positive change and celebrate the wins you are making in your community. The resources below are aimed to help our waste winning Cafes as well as Keen Beans so feel free to download and print to help fight your own war on waste.
Please note these materials are not available for commercial or government distribution. If you would like permission to do so, please contact us about becoming a partner with Responsible Cafes.

For Cafes

NEW! How to be a Responsible Cafe

Helping you to reduce coffee cup waste and beyond

Responsible Cafes Poster

A poster to pop up to show all your customers that you offer an incentive for using a BYO Cup

Social Media Tile

Two images for you to pop on your social media channels to demonstrate you have joined the reuse revolution!

Celebrate your Impact Poster

A poster to demonstrate the impact your cafe is making through being a Responsible Cafes

"Are you dining in?" Poem

Encourage your customers to dine in if they forget to BYO.

Better Cup Guide

Need to know what cups are a go and which are a no no no?! Check out this handy guide to give you the low down.

Colouring Sheets for kids

Make being a Responsible Cafe fun with colouring sheets. 4 different designs included.

Water Refill Poster

Do you want to save on plastic bottles? Then offer water refills with this handy poster.

Responsible Cafes Loyalty Card

If a discount is not an option for you, why not consider a loyalty card for the customers who BYO?

Information Sheet for Cafes

Some stats and facts to help your cafes sign up and get your customers on board

For Keen Beans


Use this guide to approach your local cafe with some simple tips and facts to give to your cafe!

Better Cup Guide

Need to know what cups are a go and which are a no no no?! Check out this handy guide to give you the low down.


Use this guide to ignite a community movement and encourage your neighbours to consider their single-use plastic consumption.

Door Hanger

Do you know someone that always leaves behind their coffee cup? Then this is the perfect reminder to put on their door!

Fun Facts Leaflet

Need some facts to help you get your local cafe to join? Download this leaflet with some simple reasons to sign up.


To learn more about the greater issues of plastic pollution follow these links to see what our other friends are up to!