Why Register Your Cafe?


By joining Responsible Cafes you are signing up to a movement that says you care about the environment and your community. More so than ever people are looking to support businesses that are doing the right thing by them and by the environment. Showing your customers that you are a Responsible Cafe demonstrates that you are a good bean and want to be part of the solution – not the problem. 

Did you know:   

  • It is estimated that Australian’s use 1.8 billion disposable coffee cups every year (double that if you’re counting lids!)
  • The lining of single-use coffee cups are plastic which means they are not recyclable.
  • About 9 out of every 10 disposable cups ends up in landfill.
  • According to Clean Up Australia, 10% of all Australian litter in our oceans and streets are coffee cups!!!
  • Scientist believe that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. We must work together to reverse this.


Join our growing network of 5000 cafes across Australia striving to reduce single-use plastic. Get on our map, attract new customers, increase loyalty and do the right thing for your community and the planet.

  • It’s FREE and simple to register via our online registration process. 
  • Receive your Responsible Cafes sustainability accreditation to display to your customers
  • When you sign up you will get access to posters and guides which you can pop up in your cafe to tell your customers you care! 
  • Your cafe will be Included on searchable, mobile-responsible map of participating cafes which is searched 100o’s of times a week.
  • Attracting new and environmentally-aware customers and sell reusable cups.
  • Save operational costs through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures.
  • Increase your customer loyalty and reduce your ecological and waste footprint.
  • Be proud of your waste saving measures!



When you register your cafe it will be given a Coffee Bean rating. You must have at least one coffee cup action to join. Each action is then given a weighted point.  For instance, accepting BYO cups/containers is given 4 points as it drastically reduces the need for single-use options and is a great way to reduce carbon emissions, compared to offering free water refills which is only 1 point. You’ll get 4 more points if you incentivise your customers to BYO. This is how the Coffee Bean ratings are awarded:

1 Coffee Bean = 0-5 points

2 Coffee Beans = 6 – 15 points

3 Coffee Beans = 16 – 22 points

4 Coffee Beans = 23 – 29 points

5 Coffee Beans = 30 – 35 points

Gold Coffee Bean = 35 + points


STEP 1: Click on Register Your Cafein the menu

STEP 2Create a cafe profile so your customers can find out about your environmental actions and be given a coffee bean rating.  Customers can then search for you using our digital map.

STEP 3: Download FREE posters and guides from your cafe portal.

STEP 4:  Spread the news on your social media channels to let your customers know & we can share your responsible love!

Tag us in a post using #responsiblecafes and we can share the love on our website and social media that reaches 1000’s of conscious consumers each week. 

Check out an example of a cafe profile at Round Table Coffee – 4 bean cafe! Congrats guys.