how to get a cafe to join?

how to get your cafe to join responsible cafes?

As a conscious consumer it is up to you where you buy your morning brew. So why not use the power of your dollar to create positive change and approach your cafe to join Responsible Cafes – if they are not already!  

We have created a simple guide to help you approach your local cafe (click on the image to download), but here are some handy tips to get you thinking:

  • Find a quiet time to talk to the cafe owner or barista – maybe not during the morning coffee rush! 
  • You can print off our guides here to help with some useful facts about the program. A good one to mention is there are already 5000 cafes across Australia who are already on board! 
  • Try and approach the subject with a positive upbeat manner – no one likes a naggy Nora! 

We are always looking for ways to improve our relationships with cafes, to help them reduce their single use plastic, so please contact us if you have any feedback from your experience. 


It is super simple to get your cafe to join – and it is FREE! All they need to do it visit “Register your Cafe’ in the menu, set up a free account, fill in all the information about their cafe and voila! They are on the map, ready for Keen Beans such as yourselves to search for and share the responsible love. 

We have created a handy little guide for you to share with cafes if you want to tell them how and why to join. Click on the image to download. 


We are always contacted by cafes and consumers keen to find out what more they can do to fight the war on waste. In response we have created a handy guide, looking beyond throw away cups, aimed at giving more information about other ways cafes can reduce waste from composting to ditching straws and takeaway containers. 

So, if you know a cafe that you think would be interested in taking more action to reduce waste then feel free to download, print off and hand out this great guide! 


Download more helpful guides, posters and fun stuff.


Help support us by buying a responsible product in our shop.

Looking to find a Responsible Cafe?

It’s time to turn the tide, one choice at a time 🥳

On this very special day where two more States are taking actions on SUP with one more announcing more soon-to-be banned items - From wherever you are - join us and challenge yourself this @plasticfreejuly after two tumultuous and challenging years. 

Be the change you want to see in the world 🙌💚

Try your best, start with one easy switch, don’t be hard on yourself, start slow, challenge yourself, have a conversation, tell your kids and tell your friends about your efforts, encourage others to join you and be proud of the impact YOU are making 😃🌏

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RC Team on Tour! 🌎 

After months of working remotely, we FINALLY got to meet in person on our Responsible Cafes getaway to Adelaide last month! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post about what we got up from to while we were away 🌿✉️ 

Where is your favourite getaway destination? We might go for our next get together! ✈️ 

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Join us tonight at 6PM AEST for our special screening of Regenerating Australia, from the director of 2040 and That Sugar Film, Damon Gameau! 

Ticket link is in our bio! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from our panel of Responsible Cafe owners, and our Ambassador Andy Marks!

Jess, Nicola and Claire are joining us from:
🐻 - a completely zero waste cafe in SA 
🌿 @watervalehotel - awarded 2022 Best Environmental & Energy Efficiency Practice 
🚌 @beachside_barista - the cutest Hippe Kombi Mobile Cafe in WA 

The event won’t be recorded so make sure you join us live! We’re so excited to see you all there! 🌏🤗