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Team up with Responsible Cafes for the tools and platform to communicate to cafes, promote sustainable businesses, and change the paradigm on single use plastic waste in your community. There are currently more than 50 councils and a handful of commercial partners across Australia that have committed to partnering with Responsible Cafes and we wouldn’t be able to operate without their support. For this reason brands or councils may not use Responsible Cafes materials for their own promotion purposes unless approved by our team or they are an existing partner.

Our team is committed to working with partners and developing a strategic alignment to suit your council or business objectives so please contact us and we collaborate effectively to fight the war on waste.

Benefits of A partnership include:
Access to a toolkit of educational resources for positive behavioural change to complement existing sustainability and community programs
Ability to promote Responsible Cafes brand in your marketing materials
The reduction of litter and landfill, cutting long-term waste collection costs
The reduction of carbon, water, paper, and oil footprint in your community
The creation of media and publicity opportunities for councils, local community groups, businesses and cafes
The optional use of 1.8m-tall giant disposable cup for events or display
Building community pride and public awareness of waste and litter
Partnering with a national not-for-profit organisation with demonstrated social and environmental outcomes
Opportunity to connect in meaningful way to our growing network or cafes and supporters across the country
All proceeds go towards increasing and improving our waste education messaging and engaging cafe owners and drinkers to be responsible and reduce single use plastic.
If you are interested in partnering with us please contact us for an information pack.

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