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Stay in the loop with the Responsible Cafes movement and the team behind it, including Cafes across Australia and the world, are receiving some attention and notoriety from the press.

Green Globe Awards – Results

In September, Responsible Cafes was short-listed as a finalist in the Green Globe Awards. These awards showcase projects around New South Wales that are leading initiatives to conserve resources and reduce waste across the state…

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Interview with Dan the Man

Please tell us about the efforts your business goes to to reduce your waste and impact on the environment: At Dan the Man, we believe waste is a failure of the imagination. Every week, the team comes together with non-linear and creative thinking to design waste out...

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Port Mac joins in on the act

Cafes in Port Macquarie having been upping the ante in the crackdown on single use coffee cups. As about 20 businesses in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and the Camden Haven have signed up to the Responsbile Cafes program.

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Manning Vale’s Big Eco Push

The airing of ABC’s War on Waste has inspired Manning Vale’s community into action, as local business owners have all seen a significant increase in the sales of reusable cups over the last month.

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Want to save $120 on coffee each year?

As more and more cafes use the responsible cafes network to connect their business with conscious customers, you as the coffee drinker have more and more opportunity to sip that sweet, caffeinated nectar whilst saving over $100 a year.

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Trash 4 Treasure

Trash for Treasure was a campaign we ran to accompany Plastic Free July. The idea was simple. Ask people to pick up a bucket of trash in exchange for a free coffee.

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War on Waste Screening

To celebrate the second amazing War on Waste series, we hosted a last minute get together at Bondi’s Bucket List bar where we screened the last episode of War on Waste and held a panel discussion…

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Community Engagement

Community engagement is a large part of Responsible Cafes work. One of our brilliant volunteers and his son created a large life size cup for us to use at community events to highlight the issue (thanks Sjirk!) and it has toured all around NSW…

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