Thank God it’s BYOFriday!

We’ve decided to make Fridays even better by introducing our newest campaign: BYOFriday

In partnership with Use Your Own NZ and some amazing community partners, BYOFridays encourages cafes and customers to BYO all types of reusables such as coffee cups, containers, straws, bags and cutlery every Friday so we can get back on track in reducing waste.

Since the beginning, Responsible Cafes has been driven by the knowledge that waste reduction and environmental preservation starts with consumer behaviour. It is well-established that single-use plastic items such as coffee cups and lids, cutlery and straws have an extreme impact on our environment- especially our waterways and oceans. Luckily for us, change makers are starting to see that too which is being reflected in new state and territory single-use plastic bans across Australia! 

As single-use plastic legislation changes, so should we. By bringing your own reusable items every Friday, you are establishing a habitual sustainable practice into your weekly routine. Our vision is that the BYOFridays campaign will introduce continuity and habit for our network of cafes and keen beans and beyond so that we can begin to tackle the war on waste post-covid. If you’re a keen bean looking to reduce your impact on the environment, start by putting your reusable coffee cup or container by your car keys every Thursday night ready for BYOFridays. If you’re keen to spread the word on BYOFridays please download the poster for free here!

Feeling unsure about the safety of reusables in our current climate? Responsible Cafes seeks to ensure sustainable solutions need not be put by the wayside despite the pandemic. Former Responsible Cafes General Manager Jo Horsley wrote a wonderful article on how we can ensure that safety and sustainability can coexist by educating cafe owners and coffee drinkers on best practices. 


Responsible Cafes intends to spread the reach of BYOFridays far and wide and we couldn’t do it without the support of our community partners who are just as dedicated as us on fighting the war on waste. A special thanks to: 

Keen beans are encouraged to spread the word about BYOFridays on social media by using the hashtag #BYOFriday or adding to our BYOFriday moments Instagram story! If you’re interested in spreading the word, please download the BYOFridays poster for free here

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a decline in the use of reusable items but now is the time to get back on track! So don’t forget to BYO every Friday so we can continue fighting the war against waste. It’s time to make every Friday BYOFriday!