Drum roll please…


We are so lucky to have these incredible Keen Beans sharing their insight and inspiration on creating positive change in the cafe industry and becoming stronger together! 

Bringing together sustainability consultants, small business coaches, environmentally responsible brands and services and world-class leading cafes, our speakers will provide expertise on diverse cafe-related topics such as increasing customer engagement, reducing waste and carbon emissions, securing sustainable supply chains and driving cafe profitability. 

We are confident the wisdom provided at the Responsible Cafes Stronger Together Cafe Summit will inspire all who listen to make positive changes to the cafe industry and become as strong as their early morning brew!



Molly Harriss Olson is a top-of-the-class leader in sustainable development and we feel very lucky to have her contribute her experience to our Stronger Together Cafe Summit! Molly brings wisdom and expertise in a wealth of areas like sustainability, economic redesign, green building innovation, fair trade, development issues, strengthening supply chains, growing revenue and bolstering environmental and economic sustainability practices, to name just a few. Not only is Molly the current CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, but is a super cool bean holding a stellar record across her 3 decades of sustainability leadership, with iconic moments such as chairing the Swedish King’s Business Leadership and the Environment Symposium in 1996 and being named one of the Australian Financial Review’s “100 Women of Influence” in 2014. 

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Adam Carr is a certified coffee expert! After years spent researching topics like production technologies and sustainable fuel processing, Adam discovered his experience was perfectly suited to the coffee industry, where he could design his own coffee technologies.As the resident coffee expert at Seven Miles, a unique and sustainable coffee roasting company, Adam uses his skills to improve people’s understanding of coffee science and technology through the Seven Miles Science and Education centre, designs experiments to test the latest and greatest coffee gear, and focuses on brewing forever better coffee. We feel Adam is going to be able to share a latte coffee love with you all at our Stronger Together Cafe Summit.

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Michael McFarlane is the man in charge of HuskeeSwap, an incredible cup exchange system operating in 22 countries. With over a decade of experience in the coffee industry, Michael joined the Huskee team to help cafes transition away from single use cups and improve the workflow and sanitation of reusables! Through his network, Michael has helped cafes, corporates, universities and councils to implement HuskeeSwap, a system where you can hand in your HuskeeCup upon ordering and get a fresh, clean HuskeeCup for your coffee! This amazing system is helping close the loop on waste and ridding the world of takeaway cups. He will be sharing his thoughts on how to create a brew-tiful sharing community! 

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When it comes to sustainability education and training, Jane Stewart is the person for the job! An experienced sustainability educator and business consultant, Jane works with businesses, governments and community organisations across the world. Jane’s invaluable training focuses on our connection to the natural world and understanding sustainability as both a state of mind and a way of life. Her passion and ideas help diverse sectors of the community to internalise and adopt sustainable practices at home and in the workplace. She is responsible for brewing up a great series of interviews, case studies, teaching small business strategies and inspiring Responsible Cafes to lead the way in our Stronger Together Cafe Summit. 

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Hana Assafiri is the founder of the Morroccan Soup Bar, a unique cafe in the heart of Melbourne tackling its social and environmental responsibility head-on! Alongside crafting an inspring vision of a community cafe, Hana is a feminist, activist and restauranteur who serves amazing vegetarian food with a side of social justice and care for our environment. Hana’s Moroccan wonderland has themed rooms reflecting issues of today, with the garden room, the women’s room and the boudoir. It is no surprise Hana was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2019, and the Stronger Together Cafe Summit is incredibly lucky to be gaining insight from Hana’s 23 years of responsible cafe wisdom!

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Jen Sheridan is an absolute expert when it comes to food systems! Jen is a Director of Open Food Network Australia, a not-for-profit building the tools and resources needed to create a new food system that is fair, local, and transparent. Jen also engages with communities and enterprises to create thriving regional food systems. With her background in academia, Jen has acted as a key researcher on the Know Your Foodbowl project at Deakin University and the Foodprint Melbourne project at the University of Melbourne, and she currently leads a number of federally funded regional food system development projects in Victoria. Wow… what a list – we cannot wait for Jen to share her incredible food systems wisdom with everyone at our Stronger Together Cafe Summit.

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Marion Vigot has countless areas of talent and expertise – all of which she is ready to share at our Stronger Together Cafe Summit! Known as a ‘French serial entrepreneur’, Marion is the co-founder of Compostable Alternatives – a platform supporting cafes and restaurants with innovative home compostable solutions to single-use packaging and takeaway, the co-founder of Mister RYE – Australia’s first rye drinking straw, and a Board Member at Startup Adelaide – a vibrant South Australian startup ecosystem supporting local businesses. Marion moved to Australia in 2018 to focus on sustainability and has since been recognised as a 2020 40Under40 South Australian entrepreneur and a Finalist in the Women in Innovation Award in both the Social Impact and Emerging Entrepreneur categories! 

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The Responsible Cafes movement is incredibly lucky to have Sarah Wilson as one of our very own ambassadors and a speaker at the Stronger Together Cafe Summit! You may already know Sarah as a journalist, TV presenter, author or activist. Sarah wrote the bestselling book I Quit Sugar and founded the largest wellness website in Australia, After her incredible list of achievements including cookbook author, host of Masterchef and editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, Sarah now builds and enables charity projects and campaigns on climate issues, encouraging others to live minimally. 

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