Cafes That Are Killing It – Republic Bakery

Welcome to the ‘Cafes That Are Killing It’ blog series!

Up first, we are spotlighting the iconic Republic Bakery in Bondi and its incredible owner Muz.

 Muz met with the Responsible Cafes team to share his wisdom on running a successful environmental and socially responsible cafe! As one of the first cafes to sign up to the Responsible Cafes movement it only seems fit to feature them first. They will also be featuring in our Stronger Together Cafe Summit so other cafes can learn from their experience in the hospitality industry.


Muz’s Republic Bakery is entering its 15th year in Bondi, an incredible feat in an expensive and competitive location. The reason for their continued survival are the core beliefs central to the Republic Bakery’s culture. They truly believe in their values and follow through with putting their money where their mouth is!

They hold their environmental and social duty close. Core to the DNA of the Republic Bakery is maintaining a 100% carbon offset with renewable energy. They even make their own almond milk (let us know if you want the recipe!).

The cafe has developed a secure supply chain, focusing on proximal supply and reduced packaging. They purchase as locally as possible, reward fair trade and use ethical suppliers that they can challenge to do better. For Muz, reusing and reducing is the paramount solution.

Republic Bakery strives to be as Certified Organic as possible, but is aware this label does not automatically ensure low ‘food miles’. But Muz is passionate that the energy intense and chronically over-packaged organic food from far away truly dissipates its virtue. And that’s why they pay the premium to ensure that 100% of their energy is sourced from renewables, take care to minimise food miles and work within the seasons!

Republic Bakery has incredible community support and has succeeded in creating an ecosystem that chooses to support and believe in their values. Upon eliminating plastic bags, they encouraged customers to make the effort to carry an extra bag. The alternative bag the cafe provides is made out of Kraft paper, dissolves easily in water and composts well! In Muz’s wise words, you must develop an interest in these things in the culture of your organisation. 

And to top it all off, the Republic Bakery remunerates its staff legitimately, sources at prices that are fair and viable for the bakery and salient value for the customer, baking the best croissants in the southern hemisphere and serving an insane cup of coffee!