Tune into this stellar line up of movers and shakers ready to percolate ideas into your mind and get us thinking about:

– Reducing our collective waste and dependence on single-use plastic.

– How cafes can be LEADERS in our community and drive social and environmental impact.

– What we can all do to support the reuse and circular economy movement forward. 

Or listen to the four interviews conducted throughout the summit…

Responsible Cafes ambassador, acclaimed author and climate activist Sarah Wilson on WHY we must have moral courage and come together to make positive changes. 

Hana Assafiri, owner and founder of the Moroccan Soup Bar in Melbourne, a community cafe championing important social and environmental issues. 

– ️ Janet Salem from the United Nations speaking about the Circular Economy and global single-use plastic pollution

– Seven Miles’ resident coffee expert, Dr Adam Carr presenting the top coffee trends for 2021.