BYOFridays: Now Streaming in Queensland

Stream Outdoor

BYOFridays is now reaching 81,686 people per day through 5 digital billboards across Queensland with the help of Stream Outdoor! Thats a whole lot of keen beans!

We are very excited here at Responsible Cafes because our BYOFriday campaign is now streaming across Queensland! As single-use plastic bans continue to ramp up across Australia, the BYOFriday campaign aims to encourage habit and continuity surrounding reusables. 

Our goal with the BYOFridays campaign is to incite behaviour change across the community; not just in cafes. The responsibility of environmental preservation spans across individuals to groups, businesses and organisations.

We all have the capacity to create change. 

We know that the prospect of environmental preservation in today’s climate can be overwhelming. For many years, single-use plastic items have been made the easy option. As the world evolves and we move more and more towards reusable products with single-use plastic bans, creating sustainable habits becomes paramount. 

The BYOFriday campaign seeks to simplify the chaos going on around us, encouraging you to change one thing, one day a week: bring your reusable items every Friday. 

Having our campaign and amazing community partners displayed to the wider community gives us the opportunity to spread our mission, inspire and encourage more people, cafes and businesses and ultimately preserve our beautiful environment!

Stream Outdoor Billboard

General Manager at Stream Outdoor, Chris Perera echoes this message, saying

“Taking responsibility for our planet should be a top priority for individuals and businesses alike. Hence our business decision to own and operate an exclusively digital billboard business, reducing unnecessary landfill that occurs with traditional static outdoor advertising. We could not be prouder to support such a proactive organisation”.

We truly love to see businesses outside those directly associated with single-use plastic items being proactive in their ability to not only spread the message on the war against waste, but to take sustainable actions where and when possible themselves. Stream Outdoor took the time to write about the Responsible Cafes mission and our partnership with them here

The BYOFriday campaign is set to continue throughout 2022, continuously expanding its reach from cafes to businesses, libraries, events, and anywhere else that has the potential to switch from single-use plastic items to reusables. Celebrating Bring Your Own Friday as a business or individual is a great way to raise awareness and encourage reusables with your customers, family and friends. Starting with one day a week is the perfect way to transition to making reusables a habit.

We’re calling all Queenslander keen beans, Responsible Cafes and councils to stay on the lookout for the BYOFriday billboards- and tag us in a photo if you see one so we can share it on our socials!

It’s a good day when businesses reach out willing to take the opportunity to further the reach of sustainability initiatives. We’d like to thank Stream Outdoor for supporting our 2022 Bring Your Own Fridays campaign across Queensland with their digital billboards! 

Remember to tag us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn with your BYOFriday moment: reusable cups, containers, straws, bags, utensils, water bottles and whatever else you can come up with! And to cafes- download your free BYOFriday poster or register so we can send you one so you can encourage your customers to bring their own reusables every week. Then tag us so we can share your amazing work to our network! 

Remember: there’s no excuse for single-use.