RC Team on Tour! Our South Australia Getaway

Our new Responsible Cafes team has spent the better part of six months working remotely from across Australia- from Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia to New South Wales! In May, we FINALLY got to meet together in person on our Responsible Cafes getaway to Adelaide! 

We started our trip with a wonderful tour by our General Manager Marion of Adelaide city, perusing the art gallery, walking through the botanical gardens and visiting our new partner: University of Adelaide! We’re very excited to collaborate with them to push responsible waste management and the reusable movement on campus amongst students, staff and visitors of the uni! 

It’s really no wonder Adelaide has been named one of Australia’s most sustainable and green cities, with its community veggie gardens and the Bicentennial Conservatory a highlight for us visiting SA for the first time. 

RC Getaway

Maslin beach was our office backdrop for the week as we worked away at some exciting upcoming initiatives and collaborations overlooking the ocean. It was a most inspiring space to generate ideas on implementing behaviour change within the community and ways for Responsible Cafes to grow over the coming months! 

RC Team

Not to mention our well-deserved work breaks which included yoga sessions run by Sharka and the obligatory Adelaide wine tastings at Down the Rabbit Hole and Berg Herring Wines

RC Getaway

Would it really have been a Responsible Cafes getaway without a few cafe trips to spread the word on our mission and BYOFridays?! Following a picturesque coastal hike (where we watched dolphins frolic in the waves!) we visited some lovely local cafes to let them know about the RC movement and how to sign up as a Responsible Cafe to receive their sustainability bean rating and get onto the RC cafe map!

We had such a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company, generating inspiring ideas for RC and soaking in the beauty of the South Australian landscape and wine country! We can’t wait for you to see the ideas and projects we worked on come to fruition- so stay tuned!

To see more from our getaway, check out the RC Getaway reel here on our Instagram!