Cafes: Receive Your Sustainable Accreditation Today!

Our cafe registration process has had a face lift and we are very excited to launch a NEW accreditation for our Responsible Cafes! 

RC Accreditation Window Sticker

We’ve made it really easy for cafe owners to have an updated profile and receive their Responsible Cafes 2022 accreditation along with your sustainability Bean Rating!

1 Bean Rating
2 Bean Rating
3 Bean Rating

Are you looking at the Green Star Accreditation when building, buying or renting a property? Well now your customers can look at your Bean Rating when they are visiting your cafe!

Whether you’re signing up as a Responsible Cafe for the first time (welcome!) or updating your profile to align with the new accreditation, you can follow the four simple steps below:

Login to your Responsible Cafes profile on our website (if you’re not yet registered you can do that here too!)

Do you compost your coffee grounds?  Do you accept reusables? Do you offer BYO for a discount? This is your opportunity to tell us all about what you do to fight the war on waste as a business.

You’ll be added to our Responsible Cafes Map where keen beans can filter through thousands of Responsible Cafes by Bean Rating, location and sustainable initiatives like ‘offers a mug library’. Be proud of the sustainable efforts you put in as a business and display them to your customers! 

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Receive your Responsible Cafes 2022 Accreditation + customised Bean Rating sticker!

For a limited time only, every new registered cafe will receive a FREE RC 2022 accreditation and customised Bean Rating sticker! If you’re updating your profile, please send us a screenshot of your updated profile (on socials or via email using this form) and we’ll send you your accreditation sticker!  

You’ll also be featured and tagged on our monthly RC features on Instagram! 

Any cafe that updates their profile and sustainability actions will be:

  • Easily searchable online through our bean rating filter
  • Receive 1x FREE Bean rating stickers matching their rating (limited time only)
  • Receive 1x FREE new Responsible Cafes 2022 sticker designed to highlight our awesome network of Responsible Cafes from their front door windows (limited time only)

 Why Should I be Accredited as a Responsible Cafe?

Our new update allows us to better understand the needs of our cafe community, and helps us gather more relevant information so we can continue to develop in line with community needs.

Just as there is the Green Star Accreditation to convey the sustainable validity of construction, there is now sustainable accreditation for cafes. The RC Accreditation not only rewards you for your sustainability efforts but attracts sustainably-minded customers to consciously consume at businesses that prioritise environmental preservation.

By joining Responsible Cafes you are signing up to a nationally recognised movement that says you care about the environment and your community. More so than ever people are looking to support businesses that are doing the right thing by them and by the environment. Showing your customers that you are a Responsible Cafe demonstrates that you are a good bean and want to be part of the solution – not the problem. 

Join our growing network of over 5000 cafes across Australia striving to reduce single-use plastic. Get on our map, attract new customers, increase loyalty and do the right thing for your community and the planet.

  • It’s FREE and simple to register 
  • When you sign up you will get access to posters and guides which you can pop up in your cafe to tell your customers you care! 
  • Your cafe will be included on our searchable, mobile Responsible Map which is searched hundreds of times a week
  • As a “Responsible Cafes 2022”, you’ll be able to highlight this distinction on your website thanks to our widget
  • Attract new and environmentally-aware customers and sell reusable cups
  • Save operational costs through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures
  • Increase your customer loyalty and reduce your ecological and waste footprint
  • Receive Responsible Cafe-exclusive emails monthly where you can get access to the latest information, deals, challenges and events
  • Be proud of your waste saving measures!


How Does the Bean Rating System Work?

To be more in line with the upcoming bans and legislations, we’ve edited the information required when a cafe joins Responsible Cafes. When you complete your cafe’s profile, you’ll be given a Bean Rating based on your sustainable actions. Each action is then given a weighted point.  For instance, composting food waste is given 2 points as it is a great way to reduce carbon emissions, compared to offering free water refills which is only 1 point. 

This is how the Coffee Bean ratings are awarded:

1 Coffee Bean = 0-5 points

2 Coffee Beans = 6 – 15 points

3 Coffee Beans = 16 – 22 points 

4 Coffee Beans = 23 – 29 points

5 Coffee Beans = 30 – 35 points

Gold Coffee Bean = 35 + points

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  • Once you’re accredited, don’t forget to download your free posters and guides to display to your customers
  • Be sure to download our BYOFridays poster to encourage your customers to BYO reusables every Friday to incite behaviour change
  • You can check out all the amazing things our BYOFridays campaign has and seeks to accomplish here!
  • Are you a keen bean interested in how the Responsible Cafes accreditation works and now want to approach your local business to encourage them to get accredited? We’ve got a poster guide for that! Explore our ‘How to Get a Cafe to Join’ page!