We’re Shaping a Better Future: RC Awarded Finalists in the Aus and NZ Circle Awards 2022!

To be named amongst some of the strongest movements in Australia and New Zealand in the sustainability sector is such an honour. We are very proud to announce we were named Finalists in the Circle Awards 2022! 

The Circle Awards ‘recognise the local businesses, organisations, projects, and people having a positive environmental and social impact’, bringing together a bunch of innovative, proactive and inspiring people who are passionate about shaping a better future. 

Responsible Cafes was named as a Finalists in two categories: Shape Shifters and Community Education and Events for our contribution to the community in creating sustainable hospitality practices to fight the war on waste.

We were proud to showcase our newest BYOFridays campaign aiming to create a consumer behaviour shift to reusables as well as a slight brag about our amazing network of over 5,000 cafes killing it in the war against waste, our dedicated keen beans, as well as our council and university members!

Not only did we get to tell the judges about our community’s amazing achievement in diverting over 63.5 million single-use cups from landfill (yay you!) but we also talked about new directions for RC including our new Responsible Universities program!

We’d love to take this opportunity to congratulate the amazing winners of our categories who are absolutely killing it in shaping a better future. 

NSW Container Deposit Scheme were named winners in the Community Education and Events category and we are obsessed! You know we LOVE anything behaviour change related here at RC and these guys have really nailed it. The scheme provides a 10c refund financial incentive for the community to return their containers for recycling.

80% of NSW residents over 18 have participated in the scheme resulting in over 8 BILLION containers returned!

What a  testament to the dedication of the Australian community in fighting the war against waste!

UnitePlayPerform won the Shape Shifter award for their ‘wellbeing universe’ that addresses isolation through immersive play in spectacular environments. UPP seeks ‘new, radical, experimental and genuine creative connections at the intersection of contemporary art and neuroscience’. We really value the emphasis on healing and creativity, and challenging the status quo. What a fascinating venture!

One of our favourite parts of the award was being invited to attend the award ceremony at RE in Sydney who were voted the most sustainable bar in the world (!!!) by the World’s 50 Best Bars 2021. They have table tops made from recycled milk bottles and aim to be 100% waste free- how cool is that?! 

Check out the Circle Awards recap for 2022 for a peak at some of the other amazing initiatives happening all around us- are there any close to you that you can support?