NEW Approved by RC Product: Certified Fully Home Compostable Coffee Cups + Lids

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We have some exciting news to share! Our General Manager, Marion, has been spearheading the development of interim solutions for cafes that are unable to offer a full reusable experience (yet!). As we work towards our goal of a fully reusable experience, Marion’s expertise in the circular economy has been invaluable in identifying effective solutions and support our cafes in their transition away from plastic, as featured in the Telstra Best of Business award.

One of the incredible products that Marion has brought to our attention is the Compost After Coffee cups and lids by Compostable Alternatives. Recently Approved by RC, these innovative cups and lids are fully certified to international and Australian standards for home compostability (TUV OK Compost HOME and ABA AS 5810). They are a game-changer for cafes looking to switch from plastic and bioplastic lined coffee cups, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Marion has been developing these certified home compostable products for the last 4 years, and her dedication to sustainability has been instrumental in her appointment as the leader of Responsible Cafes. The Compost After Coffee cups and lids offer cafes an excellent interim solution to reduce their environmental impact while implementing reusables.

Compostable Alternatives is a South Australian family business that’s on a mission to regenerate our planet through packaging that breaks down in soil in under six months instead of sticking around for years. The brains behind Compostable Alternatives are Marion and Alexis, a French-Australian couple driven to empower business owners value their waste. They are no strangers to recognition for their impact entrepreneurship, with awards such as the 7News Young Achiever, Adelaide Carbon Neutral, InDaily 40U40, and recently certified as a social enterprise for Compostable Alternatives.

Launched as an extension of their initial project Mister RYE, organic South Australian rye straws manufactured with local farmers as an added value for their crops, their purpose with Compostable Alternatives is to offer products that do not require commercial composting but instead, break down and become valuable compost in your and your customers’ backyard.

Join the Compost Revolution

As a special offer for Responsible Cafes, Compostable Alternatives is also offering a 10% discount on your first order so you can test and try their new home compostable coffee cups in your preferred size.

If you’re in NSW, you’ll know that compostable packaging has been banned from being disposed of in the FOGO bin. This means that cafes offering takeaways have been left with no other option but landfill for commercially compostable cups. And in WA, the State is getting ready to ban plastic-lined coffee cups by March 2024.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’re thrilled to be able to introduce our waste warrior community to these new innovative products that are going to contribute to the preservation of our environment and its longevity for future generations. Compost After Coffee cups and lids by Compostable Alternatives are breaking down in around 10 weeks in a home compost setup – the perfect solution for cafes looking to reduce their environmental impact!

We know that all the jargon around compostable packaging can be overwhelming. So, to help you out, we’ve created a Guide to Compostable Packaging. This guide will lead you through compostable certifications and logos, how to avoid greenwashing, and general FAQs so that your transition from single-use plastic item to compostable products can be effortless.

It’s a great resource for our Responsible Cafes who are changing their supply with the plastic bans or for those keen beans who want to understand how to identify the correct ways to dispose of their waste.

Compostable Packaging Guide

10% discount on your first order with responsiblecafes10

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We hope you’re just as excited as we are! 

The RC Team xx