Find out how the City of Brisbane is using 8000 less disposable cups per day

First of all a round of applause for the City of Brisbane please!

The City of Brisbane is putting its greenest foot forward and leading the charge against disposable coffee cups, having recored the greatest number of cafes registered with Responsible Cafes.

Responsible Cafes now has over 4000 business’ registered with us, over 70% of which are offering you 50c off you coffee. Here is how it works:

– Find your local here

– Take your reusable cup or think about drinking in

– Save the world and a heap of money!

226 Responsible Cafes are located within the City of Brisbane. Recent figures found that our organisation is taking an average of 35.2 disposable cups out of circulation, per business, per day.

Now if my maths serve me correctly, that means the City of Brisbane is preventing 7995.2 cups from entering landfill or the Ocean each day!

We think thats an amazing statistics, and truly shows that the solution to our plastic addiction is in our hands…

If you are a business owner and this has inspired you to become a Responsible Cafe, we would love to hear from you.