Manning Vale’s Big Eco Push

The airing of ABC’s War on Waste has inspired Manning Vale’s community into action, as local business owners have all seen a significant increase in the sales of reusable cups over the last month.

Donna Carrier, owner of Bent on Life noted “People are looking for cafes that are showing that they’re environmentally sustainable, or they’re thinking about the environment.”

She has seen her supply of reusable cups dry up almost overnight, as a growing body of people acknowledge that it is time to kick our plastic habit!

These cafe owners have taken the brave step of offering a discount to those eco-minded individuals, so the best you can do is return the favour. Get down to your local watering hole and enjoy your coffee in an environmentally friendly cup and save some dollar all at the same time.

There are now 5 Cafes in the Manning Vale area who have joined Responsible Cafes, growing our network of thoughtful cafes and conscious consumers, and we couldn’t be happier! A big thanks to all those involved.

For the exact locations of each of these cafes please head to our map.

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