MEET “I AM NOT PAPER” by Planet Ecologica

Here at Responsible Cafes, we are so lucky to be able to work with a whole bunch of awesome and inspiring companies doing incredible things for our planet. Planet Ecologica deserves an esteemed mention on this list! Not only are the founders stand up blokes, but they are also one of the major supporters of our Stronger Together Cafe Summit so we thought you might be interested to learn a little more about their affinity to pink gorillas, dolphins and more…

Responsible Cafes and Planet Ecologica share many of the same values and understandings. We both know something has to be done about the billions of takeaway coffee cups which end up in landfill EVERY YEAR. First, most of these cups contain a plastic lining which stops them from biodegrading. Second, every one of these cups is made from paper, and contributes to the rapid deforestation and habitat destruction that results from trees being cut down (at rates of 80,064,000 every single day).

Planet Ecologica’s project “I AM NOT PAPER” provides a solution to this diabolical problem. 

Let’s start at the beginning…

PlantPulp is central to the creation of I AM NOT PAPER. PlantPulp is sourced from plants, agricultural by-product, or the abundance of commercially available post-consumer and recycled raw materials. It uses only substrates that would otherwise go to waste and all are plant based – they include corn, reed, grass, rice husks, potato starches, sugar cane, bamboo fibre, straw and wheat stems – but certainly not trees. The resulting PlantPulp raw material is manufactured by Planet Ecologica into a truly paper-free packaging like  takeaway cups, lids and straws. For more information on the process, check out this page.

I AM NOT PAPER has been created to decrease the contribution of single use packaging to deforestation. It is organic, biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable*; developed to save trees and promote a sustainable future. It is also printed on using plant and water-based inks. Their awesome catch-phrase ‘Designed by Gorillas, Approved by Dolphins’ says it all. But it goes one step further, I AM NOT PAPER also has a reforestation initiative!


Every pack and printed piece comes with the I AM NOT PAPER ‘LOVE TREES’ project logo for the world to see your greatness! It is a symbol that shows you are no longer contributing to deforestation and supporting and investing in planting trees for reforestation. Smart marketing or what?

So if you are looking for a sustainable, tree-free and compostable* paper alternative to takeaway cups, lids and straws, please check out our amazing friends at Planet Ecologica and their I AM NOT PAPER innovation!

Please go ahead and check out our interview below with Sav and Lachlan from I AM NOT PAPER for our Stronger Together Cafe Summit! 

*pending composting certifications [in the process]

Use the code ‘RESPONSIBLECAFES’ for 10% off your first order!