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  • Simple online registration process with downloadable poster
  • Inclusion on searchable, mobile-responsible map of participating cafes
  • Opportunity to provide a fun photo for promotion on our website, social media, and media
  • Capture latent income stream by attracting environmentally-aware customers and selling reusable cups
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce ecological and waste footprint
  • Cost savings through reduced disposable cup/lid expenditures
  • Activate cafe culture and community pride

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Offer a discount to customers with BYO cups and get on the map of thousands of participating cafes across Australia.

Simply enter your details, download your poster to display, then start the conversation with your customers!
If you need to register 5 or more caf├ęs, please contact us so we can help make this is a little easier for you.

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Do you use renewable energy?* YesNo
Do you offer free coffee grinds?* YesNo
Do you offer a mug library?* YesNo
Do you offer a Swap/Go cup system?* YesNo

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