Implementing reusables in your business

what is a swap system?

A swap system is a simple, effortless reusable option for takeaway meals and coffees that brings many more advantages than a mug library or having customers BYO:
  • As the name SWAP says, the system works when a customer brings their own cup/container and swap them against one that is provided by a registered café or restaurant
  • This system avoids the flaws of the mug library – no need to chase your customers to get your cups back, your stock will remain the same!
  • Reducing your reliance to single-use packaging that helps you to save money and generate a new source of revenue by selling reusable cups/containers in retail

how does it work?

The swap system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current workflow.
It works in 4 simple steps:
  1. Your café buys a fleet of reusable products. We encourage you to store 50% of that fleet to have it on hand for the next swap. If you are part of our programs, your fleet may be subsidised by your local council
  2. Your customer buys a reusable coffee cup and/or food container and brings it every time they order takeaway
  3. Each time they visit your café, the reusable item can be swapped for a sanitised one from the stock you have on hand
  4. Don’t forget to wash it before you store it with the others!

what is the difference with byo?

Amongst our community of swap venues, they shared the BIGGEST benefit of a swap system is the new revenue generated by the sales of the product.
But also:
  • Commercially washed VS Customer has to wash
  • Products ready at venue VS venue waiting for customer to come in for reuse
  • Product sizes are made for cafe/restaurant’s serving VS Customer brings awkward/large sizes
  • Reuse made possible at all time VS customer forgot reusable in car/ at home
  • Bring back to store feature VS having to carry reusables around/ in a bag after use

the responsible guide to implementing reusables

At Responsible Cafes we love reusable systems so much we dedicated a full section of our directory to identify them all around Australia and understand their main differences!

HuskeeCups and HuskeeSwap has been a much valued partner of Responsible Cafes for many years. We are so glad to have witnessed their exponantial growth nationally and internationally to become Australia’s most desirable reusable coffee cup brand, an easy-to-implement swap system and the 2022 winner of the circular economy ACE Award in two categories!

Made in Australia, rePlated is another of our much valued reuse partners and the 2022 gold winner of the Good Design Award ! We love that they help business owners saves money AND the planet making a flexible systems that make single-use takeaway packaging history!

By switching to reusable systems today, you can save your business a wooping $6,000 a year! That’s a hell lots of cappuccinos! 

IS YOUR team ready to get on board? 

Fantastic! Here is what you need to know:

  • The success of implementing reusables is measured by the money saved by not purchasing as much single use (of course!) but also the amount of customer use and uptake so you can also measure your impact!
  • Optimising your POS for swaps is an essential part of implementing reusables
  • We’ve compiled useful resources and videos so you can fully enjoy your reusable transition and get selling those flaming cappuccinos! They are here to explain how to get ready while you receive your initial fleet of products!

But first! Follow this useful guide to setup your POS for SWAPS 👇

reorder containers

Use RC5OFF in the referral code field to get 5% OFF on wholesale rePlated containers!

reorder cups

To reorder cups, simply login and order from your wholesale account on the Huskee Website or from your favourite Huskee Stockist you support. 

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