Stronger Together Cafe Summit


Imagine a community where the local café is a model of responsible business practice, a champion for reducing their environmental impact, with great tasting coffee, nourishing menu options as well as a source of meaningful customer engagement and connection. Thumbs up all round! 

We are excited to announce that Responsible Cafes is launching a  Stronger Together Cafe Summit with the help of some great brand partners. This online event series is all about driving positive change in the cafe industry to increase customer engagement, reduce waste and carbon emissions, secure sustainable supply chains and drive cafe profitability. It is aimed at being a fun and informative series of online events that will inspire good vibes… and we could all do with a bit of that right now! To accompany your journey we will send you a Stronger Together Playbook filled with great exercises to get your creative business juices flowing. Check out the planned program of events below. which will be updated as speakers and panelists are announced.

What to expect at our Launch Event – March 2

  • Listen to an  inspiring café leaders whose new vision of open hospitality is a recipe for business prosperity beyond COVID difficulties.
  • Engage with our expert panel as they discuss the important question – What is your vision of a responsible café?
  • Set the scene for our Action Summit Series and learn more about how your café team will benefit from new ways of thinking, new ways of doing and new ways of engaging into the future to guarantee success in these times of change and uncertainty. 


ACTION SUMMIT 1 –  March 9

  • What’s circular economy thinking and humanity centred design thinking and how can they help your café increase its positive impact with your stakeholders and the natural environment on which you depend? 
  • Engage with our expert panel as they discuss the important question – How has your café reimagined its purpose to survive COVID?
  • Receive Part 1 of our Responsible Café Playbook

ACTION SUMMIT 2 –  March 16

    • Presentation by café leader and how they build sustainable supply chains
    • Listen to a world renowned business sustainability leader who now who heads up FairTrade AUS/NZ. 
    • Engage with our expert panel as they discuss the important question – What are the biggest challenges you face in securing a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable supply chain?
    • Receive Part 2 of our Responsible Café Playbook

ACTION SUMMIT 3 – March 23

  • Listen to stories of inspiration from responsible and sustainable cafes across Australia as they share their goals, motivations, challenges and tips for success
  • Go on a range of virtual tours to see café action first hand through the eyes of the café owners, managers and staff
  • Receive Part 3 of our Responsible Café Playbook

    ACTION SUMMIT 4  –  March 30

    • Final session on the pathway to becoming a responsible business – what will it take, what’s in it for you and how we can help you and your team
    • Listen to an expert panel as they answer questions posed by participants 
    • Receive Part 4 of our Responsible Café Playbook