The “Why?” Behind our New Portal

At Responsible Cafes we want the human race around a long time and for that very, very, very long time, we want the Homo sapiens that are adopting sustainable practices to be celebrated for their efforts. Sure, things don’t always go as planned “cough cough” but there are many ways to be a part of the solution…

 For the past few months, we on the Responsible Cafes team have been at a 1.5m distance, launching sugar packets across the room, figuring out a system that allows cafes to showcase which sustainable actions they are taking, in the easiest and most intuitive way possible and for our Keen Beans to see and find them with ease.

 Our new Coffee Bean Rating System and updated Maps achieves just that! And with the amazing support of our partners, we are very happy to be officially up and running. This is why… 


 The Mission

Reducing waste and adopting sustainable practices are at the forefront of every decision we make and the discount has been an effective way to introduce people to the benefits of reusables and a great catalyst for change but is only one aspect of the equation.

 Times are hard

 It is a fact, and our cafes are not exempt. For a lot of cafes offering a discount for bringing in a reusable cup is just not on the cards right now but there is so much more that our cafes are doing to make the world a better place (especially for those “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee” people.) And now we have a way to showcase their dedication and efforts.

The cafes have spoken!

We did a survey with cafes and 95% of them wanted the ability to showcase all the other great waste saving initiatives they have implemented.

 The Numbers

We have 5000 cafes that have the power to make a huge collective change – not just saving coffee cup waste! We hope that helping cafes to highlight their sustainable practices to the world will encourage others to do the same.

Also… what do the experts say? 

Recent psychology research would indicate that a levy is more effective than a discount… we have included both so cafes can choose and see which options work best for them. For more information click here.

We hope our new portal will bring communities together around the issue of waste in a time where we are forced apart because how can less waste be a bad thing? Become a part of the solution and join the other 5000 cafes committed to reducing waste!