WA on the single-use ban wagon!

What is that we hear? Is the tide turning on single-use plastic and are governments finally listening to that changes that we all want and need?

It would seem so. The Western Australian state government conducted over a 13 week period in 3 of Perth’s metropolitan locations with over 9000 submissions made during the research phase. Feedback from this consolation found that 98% of respondents supported further actions to reduce single-use plastics in Western Australia

Based on the reseach and comnity sentiment the State Government will ban plastic plates, cutlery, stirrers, polystyrene food containers, thick plastic bags, and the release of helium balloons by 2023.

Other single-use plastic items like produce bags, microbeads and cotton buds will be phased out by 2026. Read more here

To read the full discussion paper go here