How to keep your Barista happy

We all know that coffee made with love poured into a reusable cup tastes better.

Keeping your Barista happy will increase your chances of getting that brew tasting like liquid gold.

How to do this?

Well, you don’t have to remember their birthday (although that would probably work as well)

Just follow these three steps to keep your coffee creator in a good mood


You’re an adult. So I would imagine this goes without saying. But there is a reason I am saying it. This is the most common complaint from my Barista friends.

If you turn up with a cup that’s dirty, the cafe has to clean it. That’s not something we should expect them to do.

Don’t be surprised if they refuse your cup if you hand it over to them looking like you’ve been trying to grow your own penicillin in it.

PRO TIP – When you’ve finished your coffee, rinse the cup and dry straight away. You can put it in your bag without worrying about stale milk ruining your day. 


If you have ever stood for longer than 5 minutes waiting for your takeaway, staring at the coffee machine, then looking back at your watch. Then staring at the Barista frantically frothing almond, soy, and skim –  when your order takes longer than you expected, you physically feel the tension start to build. All those stress hormones wont make your coffee turn up any faster or taste any better.

So now imagine how the Barista is feeling?

Remember we want coffee made with love. Your order is probably the same everyday.

So lets do them a favour.

PRO TIP – Write your order on your cup with a sharpie in the format the cafe uses, or get your barista to do it for you. No more lids or scraps of paper, just a healthy hit of happiness for your coffee creator as you make their life that little bit easier. 


If your cafe sells their own branded reusable cups, support their business by purchasing a cup from them. It is a brave move by business owners to invest in these types of products and offer you a discount. So show them some love in return.

There are few more pleasurable things in life than a good coffee with good company.

So if you find somewhere you really like, bring your cup and tell your friends.

For help finding the right cup or learning the differences between whats on offer, use our better cup guide to find your next reusable

Now go out and carry on being the difference we want to see in the world you wonderful bunch people