Want to save $120 on coffee each year?

As more and more cafes use the responsible cafes network to connect their business with conscious customers, you as the coffee drinker have more and more opportunity to sip that sweet, caffeinated nectar whilst saving over $100 a year.

By getting your commuters wake up call from a cafe that offers you a 50c discount on your coffee, 5 days a week, for 48 weeks of the year. You save $120 a year, and keep 240 cups out of landfill.

Those other plastic addicts had better watch out, because now, you’re commuting like an eco-rambo.

Cafe 2340 owner Samantha Szyc has been doing for years, whilst some people have made the most of this discount, she wants to see more you in there saving money and saving the environment.

Make sure the next cafe you visit is a responsible one. Find out exactly where she lives and where your local responsible cafe is by heading to our map