Max from GoodFood’s perspective on the australian plastic initiative

Max Veenhuyzen from goodfood has written an excellent article outlining the forward thinking approach that some of Australia’s leading Cafe’s, Bars, Restaurants and Kitchens are taking towards reducing their environmental impact.

The article takes a look behind the scenes at a couple of business’ from each industry and provides a wonderful insight as to the efforts some people are going to. There is a real teach not preach feel to his writing and at no point does Max doesn’t stand on his soap box. We are sure many of the messages you will find in his writing will resonate with you.

The team at Responsible Cafes love this article for two reasons.

For the Customer

“Why don’t they just get rid of straws/bags/cups”

If you are in doubt about how easy it for business owners to make changes we would strongly recommend you reading this article. To see the lengths that some business owners are willing to go to in order to reduce their own environmental impact is inspiring. A personal favourite is the cafe that asks the farmer to deliver the milk in pales rather than plastic crates and cartons.

It is still early days, as we slowly change our habits and purchasing decisions to spend in a more conscious manner. Many of the solutions aren’t the most convenient, as a result implementing them requires some creative business management and persistence.

Go out there and support your local business owners who are willing to put ethics and the environment first. It is a bold move, and your commitment to their business will reinforce the message that they are doing the right thing.

For the Business Owner

The tide is turning, customers are now willing to pay a little extra for products with purpose.

They want to make sure their money is with business’ that are helping the environment and, depending on where they go, they may even be saving some money at the same time (if they visit a Responsible Cafe).

The trend is set to continue as purchasing power will move towards business’ that align with the internationally growing concern for the environment.

If you start working to reduce your environmental impact, you can be sure that people will notice your efforts and respond accordingly. For more help with this please get in touch with us.

A link to the full article can be found here. A big thank you to Max Veenhuyzen for including us in the piece.