Queensland to Ban Plastic Straws, Plates, Cups and More

By Bruce Klaic


“The Queensland government will move to ban plastic straws, cutlery, stirrers and plates in a bid to stem the destructive effects of plastic on marine life and waterways.” 

Good morning, good coffee and good news, what is better than that!? But first, what is wrong with this sentence:

“Hey dude, today is going to be bodacious, lets motor to the café, have some java and then hit the beach for a sweet sesh.”

“Gee, sounds, swell!”

Apart from the uninspired and cheap surfer archetype from many 80’s movies (and his apparently 1940’s pal.) I think it’s safe to say that the language is a little out of date. Everything has its time and it’s my hope that single-use plastics will soon be out of fashion like a schoolyard craze.

According to the Guardian, Queensland will be the second state after South Australia to introduce a legislation before Parliament that would see a ban of plastic straws and plates with a possibility of coffee cups, takeaway containers and heavyweight plastic bags to follow (to read the full article click here.)

To allow the time for businesses, schools and facilities to plan and adjust, the earliest a state-wide ban could commence is 1 July 2021 and it seems other states are already in the beginning stages.

 “The ACT is expected to introduce its own bill this year and New South Wales and Western Australia have completed public consultation.”

If things continue perhaps it wouldn’t be so strange to think that in some years’ time, words like: “take-away cup” and “plastic straws” could be wiped from the lexicon and if you ask me, that would be pretty groovy.

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