Bring on the Science! #Revivereuse and reverse the resurgence of single-use plastics.

By Bruce Klaic

“In terms of the general public’s response to the Covid crisis, we should make every attempt to avoid over-consumption of single-use plastics, particularly in applications like packaging.” (Laville 2020)

That is the word from over a hundred Scientists (aka some very smart people) taking a stand against single-use plastics. 

In the interest of public health, their staff and customers, businesses across the world have had to think fast and adapt to the evolving landscape of COVID-19. Some changes have been substantial and complicated (like a large, double-shot, cappuccino with no foam, chocolate on the bottom and a goose egg on top, please!) Whilst others, although small, still get your heart racing (I call that: the single espresso). 

Since the inception of COVID-19 people have not had the luxury to sit and wait, making the best decisions based on the information and recommendations available. In an effort to reduce the risk of transmission rates from surfaces, we have seen bans on plastic bags temporarily lifted in the US and India, a higher demand for takeaway packaging around the world and restaurants and cafes saying  “no” to reusable cups.

As plastic has made its way back into our lives scientists, in the interest of our environment, are taking notice and banding together to hand down the verdict on reusable cups in hopes to reverse the trend.

The Guardian has just reported that this coming Monday, 100 scientists will be working together to sign and publish a statement assuring us reusables are still fine to use during the COVID-19 Pandemic. To read the full article click here.

Click on the image to read full statement. 

Here is the basic rundown: 

  • The statement by the scientists, including epidemiologists, virologists, biologists, chemists and doctors, says that based on the best available science and guidance from public health professionals, reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene.” (Laville 2020)
  • “Evidence indicates that the virus spreads primarily from inhaling aerosolised droplets, rather than through contact with surfaces” (Laville 2020)

To put it cleanly (unlike someone’s reusable cup – you know who you are!) This is Great News!  Since our understanding of COVID19 transmission is changing, so can our practices.

Just like everyone else, we at Responsible cafes are not immune to the challenges of 2020 but we have chosen to see it as an opportunity to reinforce reuse and its importance. To have the support of these scientists fills us with the energy of three double-shot macchiatos! 

So let’s get the bans lifted! Join us in reversing the resurgence of single use plastic and Sign our petition to reintroduce reusable cups at large chains and don’t forget to share.


Laville, S 2020, ‘Reusable containers safe during Covid-19 pandemic, say experts,‘ The Guardian, 22 June, accessed 23 June 2020,