What’s Going on with the Price Increase of Coffee in Australia?

Has anyone else been inundated with coffee doomsday posts lately? Us too. The price of coffee in Australia is on the rise- here’s what you need to know. 

As if the rising price of petrol wasn’t enough, now we’re hearing about one of Australia’s favourite beverages hiking up to $7 a pop? A multitude of global factors are contributing to the rise of coffee prices including supply issues, the pandemic and global disasters in coffee producing areas. 

One of Australia’s largest exporters of coffee beans, Brazil, has recently experienced the effects of droughts and frost which has inhibited supply. President of the Cafe Owners and Baristas Association of Australia David Parnham spoke with ABC to explain soaring shipping costs as another factor contributing to the rise in price for your cup of coffee. He explains shipping costs are nearly five times the price they were two years ago.

The rise in price of imports might see a slight turn from businesses to home-grown Australian coffee producers instead, as prices are now becoming similar. 


So, how much should our Keen Beans pay for a cup of coffee in 2022?

Despite the headlines, Bianca Hrovat spoke with those in the industry who believe a cup of coffee won’t hit $7 within the next year. The autonomy of consumers is one reason prices are unlikely to go beyond a certain amount. Cafe owners like Sondra Beram from Bondi cafe Bru believe prices around the $5 mark are a reasonable price.  

We doubt the price increase will fully deter us coffee loving Australians from supporting local cafes during our morning routine but we also believe education is key! Understanding the context of these price rises are just as important for keen beans as they are for cafes. 


What can you do during this transition?

As always, we encourage you to continue to support your local cafes and hospitality businesses, especially as they navigate their way out of the pandemic-era.

Keen beans can support their local cafes by continuing to bring reusable cups, containers, cutlery, stirrers and straws (especially on BYOFridays)! The less demand for single-use items, the less cafes will have to spend on those products and the more they can focus on what we’re all really here for…coffee!

Sondra Beram spoke to us about some encouraging statistics coming out of Bru cafe. Over the ten-day BYO Cup Week, 3,728 cups of coffee were served in reusable coffee cups and a total of zero served in single-use! This creates a win-win-win: cafes can spend less on single-use items (more $ left for coffee!), customers can contribute to keeping the price of coffee down and the environment thrives!


What can cafe owners do to limit the impact of increasing coffee prices?

  • Encourage customers to drink in
  • Look at reusable systems that will save costs in the long-term: cups, plates, containers – many brands and business models are on the market now and could suit your needs and budget. Our amazing waste warrior friends at Brother Bear cafe in Mount Barker are a prime example of the impact encouraging reusables can have. They have saved almost 4,000 cups from landfill in 2021 and over 10,000 since 2018! 
  • Are you paying too much for your current packaging? Why should compostable options be more expensive if they are the new best alternative option to plastic lined cup?? Surely you can look at what’s available on the market with a quick google search. We recommend searching for “home compostable coffee cups” 😉 – keep your eye out for the soon-to-be-released certified fully home compostable coffee cups from Compostable Alternatives!

  • Get accredited as a Responsible Cafes and use our posters and guides to help your customers understand your decisions. Register here for free!

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